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NEC DS1000/2000 User Guide

Auto Attendant Recording

  • On extension 300 only

  • Push MW button

  • SA for System Administrator

  • I for instruction message

  • You will be prompted to enter the mailbox number for the greeting.  

  • Start with Mailbox 000 (Listen to message before recording over it.  If this is not the correct mailbox, try 001, 002 etc…)

  • Recording a personal greeting   (Example: This is Nicole, I’m not available...)  

  • Push MW button

  • G for greeting

  • Make sure Greeting 1 is active

  • R for record, L for listen, etc... 

Transferring a Call

  • Do not put call on hold! (This is the most common mistake)

  • Press ICM & extension number

  • After 2 beeps, announce call (Paul, there’s a call for you on line one)

  • If the person is at their desk, hang up and the call will be transferred to them

  • If they are not at their desk and you want to put call into voice mail

  • Push MW button

  • Call will go directly into voice mail

Conference Call

  • Place or answer your first call.

  • Press CONF

  • Place or answer your next call.

  • Press CONF again to set up the Conference.

Message Notification

  • Press MW.

  • Press 'OP' to listen to mailbox options.

  • Press 'N' for notification.

  • Follow voice prompts from there.

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